Finally, rainy season started.

I feel that the faded tones look good at the rainy season photo.

All of today’s photos are taken with AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G. Although general evaluation is low,but i feel that this lens with beautiful bokeh. I especially like three dimensional effects when using this lens with a full frame DSLR camera.

2 Comments on “End of june”

  1. 50/1.4Gは解像命な所ある海外では厳しい評価受けるね。私はたまちゃんがこれで撮ったポートレイトが好きよ。

  2. 有名どころが評価すれば手のひらクルーもありそうだけど、58/1.4gの存在が全てを物語ってる気はするよ。


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